BlackHawk Industrial Services acquires J&S Tool Inc.

BlackHawk Industrial Services Acquires J&S Industrial Services

BlackHawk Industrial, a leading distributor of metalworking, industrial and MROP supplies, announced that it has acquired J&S Tool Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of cutting tools in St Louis and Southern Illinois.

Long winters, brutal recessions and even a fire haven’t slowed down Steve Mueller and Dan Thiel. They grew their business by adding services during the downturn.


Hydro excavation is a non-destructive digging process that uses pressurized water to break up soil and transfer it to a debris tank. Crews use this system to expose underground utilities without destroying them and to dig trenches for new cables or pipes.

Unlike traditional digging, which relies on sharp metal tools and heavy machinery (like excavators and backhoes), hydro excavation can be used in cold weather and to dig in remote areas. This process is also safer for laborers and less likely to damage existing pipelines and utility lines.

One of the most popular uses for this type of vacuum truck is called daylighting, which involves uncovering buried utility lines for maintenance or repair. Daylighting is made easier with the use of a hydro vac because workers can heat the dirt and water to melt it before sucking it up. This allows for quicker and more precise digging, which reduces the risk of injuries to workers and potential damage to existing infrastructure.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you’re a restoration specialist, a professional cleaner or just a homeowner who tackles home improvement projects, a wet/dry vacuum can be the ideal tool for tackling large cleaning jobs. These versatile vacuums can be used to unclog sink drains, clean fireplace ashes and even clean up leaves and snow. Typically, a wet and dry vacuum is equipped with a large collection tank to hold wet debris and a small motor to ensure strong suction.

These machines are built to handle wet and dry messes, making them more versatile than standard cleaners. They have a waterproof collector can and a water filter to prevent water from entering the motor or creating a short circuit. They can also be used in a workshop environment to take care of fine dust, sawdust and wood chips. Many wet and dry vacuums also feature HEPA filters for sensitive areas such as pharmaceutical processing, laboratories and hospitals. They can even be used in hazardous tasks such as asbestos abatement.

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Removal

We offer hazardous & non-hazardous waste disposal services from drums to tanker trucks. Serves power generation plants, chemical processing, oil & gas industries. Also offers acid/caustic sludge, TSCA contaminated material equipment, solvent & paint waste, manhole & vault sludge, fuel tank residues& bottoms, oil contaminated soils, metal management & service garage waste.

Hazardous waste is a major source of contamination in different environmental matrices, with the potential to impact human health. Several epidemiological investigations have reported an adverse health impact of populations living in the vicinity of landfills, incinerators or waste sites. The evidence available is limited, however, mainly because of the lack of a priori defined methods. We therefore performed a systematic review using transparent and a priori defined criteria to evaluate the strength of the evidence of associations between the exposure to hazardous waste and the health outcome. We identified and selected relevant studies in Medline and EMBASE databases. The final evaluation of the evidence was based on the PECO (Population-Exposure-Comparators-Outcomes) framework.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer systems are probably one of the most underappreciated building components when it comes to maintenance. They may not be the most glamorous aspect of your home or office, but they are vitally important to keep everything flowing smoothly and safely. Having dirty lines and drains that are not regularly cleaned or flushed can lead to slow drainage, toxic wastage accumulation, and foul odors.

A properly functioning sewer system takes wastewater and other waste from laterals connected to homes and businesses to the main line, where it is taken to a sewage treatment plant for proper disposal. This system needs to be free of obstructions like garbage, leaves, grease, sand, plastic bags, and rags in order to function effectively.

For routine cleaning, sewer cleaners usually employ hydraulic methods like power jetting and vacuum trucks to clean the pipes. When a serious blockage occurs, they can use government-approved chemicals that stop root growth and break down grease.

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